Monday, January 2, 2012

The new year...

I try not to dwell on the calender and our system of keeping time.
I find it constricting, limiting, and stress-inducing. It is so much easier to live "in the moment" when you don't know what time it is or what day of the week it is. Of course, I have to know what day of the week it is so I know when the weekend ends, and I have to know what time it is during the week to know when to drop off my daughter at my parents before work. All of these things and more keep me forever tied to the calender and time.
However, I try as often as possible to loose all sense of time and date. But, as silly as the calender really is in the big scheme of things, it gives us a chance to reflect on the past, learn from our mistakes, and start fresh. It is a time of resolutions; giving ourselves new challenges that will hopefully better ourselves.

This year I have a few resolutions:

Save seeds.
I hope to save seeds from our local organic produce this year to have for when we start our own vegetable and herb gardens. Seed saving is essential in gaining self-sufficiency, security, and control over what is available for us to eat. It helps conserve biodiversity in a time of vulnerable and scary agricultural practices (Monsanto & GM crops), it helps us work toward regional sustainability and create seeds that are adapted to organic growing practices in our region.

Consume less stuff. Americans buy and have too much stuff that we DON'T NEED. Why are we obsessed with having stuff? I'd like to be more conscious about what I buy and only buy what I really, really need. I'd like to buy more things with little to no packaging (hello farmer's market!) and be more conscious about what I throw away (hello composting & cloth diapers). Have you ever watched The Story of Stuff? Go watch's scary.

Be positive. All work, at home, with friends, family, & myself. Positive energy is real and it works in helping us stay healthy and well (mentally and physically). Really though, what is the point of being negative? Use more Mugwort which aides in spiritual cleansing, protection, and healing, and burn more White Sage which helps clear negative energy.

Eat more seaweed. Incorporating seaweed into my diet on a daily basis. Thank you Ryan Drum (

Ignore parenting advice. Politely, of course. But really, I want to do what FEELS right...not what a stranger, friend, relative, scientist, or doctor told me is right. People have such strong opinions on vaccinating, co-sleeping, nursing, etc. and they all feel the need to share with you. Thanks, but no thanks.

Make more art. Because I used to enjoy it...then I got a "real" job & a baby and don't have much time. But I'd like to make time because I've been feeling more inspired lately.

Spend more time with plants. And why not? This is always my goal and this year it will be even more exciting and special because I will be sharing this time with my lovely daughter. I cannot wait to watch her explore the world of plants with wonder, playfulness, and respect.