Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hands down, the best part of this winter (besides adopting Mango & Rainbow--see previous post) has been watching Alice's drawing abilities develop. 
After getting her a set of her own skinny markers, she has been into drawing ALL the time, even when she's mad, which is great. 
We watched her scribbles turn to blob-people, and now she even draws cats and people so detailed they have shoes and hair clips. It's amazing how rapidly her perception of people has transformed over such a short time. 

"A girl sitting"
"A girl holding a treat for her two cats with ants on her skirt."
Notice the word "TACO" in pink? That's what she wants for dinner she says.

Mango and Rainbow

After my sister adopted a cat this winter (and we visited the local twice over February vacation with her) we decided it was time for our own family cat.
We visited a local shelter and the second cat I held was our Mango (he was named Casper at the shelter) and I held him like a little baby and he purred--I fell in love and knew instantly he was my cat. 

However, little did I know that the whole time I was holding Mango Alice was eyeing a scrawny, sad little calico cat named Rainbow.After we filled out the application for Mango and we talked about taking him home Alice started bawling her eyes out. She fell in love with Rainbow--she wanted to take home and take care of scraggly, little Rainbow. I felt so guilty for not consulting her first. 
Obviously, we had to take little Rainbow home, too. We put Rainbow's name on the application too.

We let Alice name them both. For short their names are Mango & Rainbow, but their real names are Sir Arthur Treasure Mango & Lady Morgan Rainbow Diamond.
That's what happens when you let your four year old name the family pets.

So that was how we ended up with two cats instead of one. And really, what's the difference? 

We love those two cats beyond measure and can't imagine having one without the other.