Thursday, July 7, 2011

Herbal popsicles

The best way to enjoy herbs in the summer! Enjoy things like popsicles & ice cold drink only when it's really hot...cold liquids actually slow down your digestive system. Our bodies function better when drinks are room temperature.

The herb or herbs you choose are up to your preference. I really enjoy lemon balm in the summer for its relaxing, calming qualities
Proportions are up to how strong you want your popsicles to taste and how many popsicles you're going to make...

Boil herb or herbal blend in half water and half organic juice or lemonade for about 20 minutes.
Strain and pour into popsicle molds and freeze.




Enjoy on a hot day!

Some good combinations...

Apple juice & Lemon Balm
Berry juice & Hibiscus flowers
Lemonade & Peppermint
Lemonade & Oatstraw
Pineapple juice & lemon verbena

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