Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fire Cider

Glowing fire cider

Your best friend in winter. A cold & flu preventative (coined by the lovely Rosemary Gladstar) that is easy to make and included ingredients that most people have in their kitchen already.
Chop up raw garlic, onion, lemon, grate ginger & horseradish,
and add it all into a glass canning jar.
Add a dash of cayenne and tumeric powder.
Pour apple cider vinegar over the top. Cap with lid (we prefer the plastic lids when using ACV).

Store in a cool, dark place, or your fridge for several weeks. Or be inpatient like us and use immediately.
Take a tablespoon daily as a preventative or take more often throughout the day if you are sick.
The great thing about the age-old herbalist remedy is that you can add or subtract ingredients and play around with it. Don't have horseradish? Don't use it. Want to add fresh herbs? Go for it! I think no matter the combination we always include lemon, onion, garlic, and ginger. Other things vary.

Have fun & be healthy!

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